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Publications and works

According to the results of the implementation of CSM RK research more than 30 publications, including catalogues on scientific archeology, ethnography, and numismatics, narrative sources on ancient and medieval history of Kazakhstanwere published.

All of them by specialists and the scientific community not only in the country but also in the scientific community in a number of foreign countries (France, Italy, Germany, USA, Hungary, Turkey, Russia, etc.) were highly appreciated.

In 2014 work on the five-volume edition of the encyclopedia " Қазақтың этнографиялық категориялар, ұғымдар мен атауларының дәстүрлі жүйесі. Encyclopedia. (The traditional system of ethnographic categories, concepts and definitions of the Kazakhs) under the supervision and direct participation of Professor Nursan Alimbay are of special attention. Along with the systematization of previously disparate, fragmented concepts and values in the scientific turn many new definitionswere firstly introduced. In ethnographic encyclopedia ethno-cultural characteristics the ancestral ethnic categories formed for centuries, definitions and concepts directly related to the Kazakh society, the individual and the environment, which reveals their ethnographic value and role were reflected. The authors introduced into scientific turn categories, concepts and definitions in the ethnography of the Kazakhsthat undeservedly forgotten and come into disuse. More than 10,000 ethnographic categories, concepts and definitions that were used in traditional Kazakh environment were interpreted.


"Қазақтың этнографиялық категориялар, ұғымдар мен атауларының дәстүрлі жүйесі". Encyclopedia.

Worthy to note, that for the first time in Kazakhstan this long-term, large research project (Encyclopedia in five volumes) was implemented. It is the result of research and careful analysis of historiographical, archival as well as ethnographical expedition materials. The Encyclopedia has been praised in the scientific community of the republic.

A list of the most significant scientific papers of the CSM RK published in the last ten years (scientific articles in a separate annex)

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