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Scientific and applied projects

Thanks to the rich collections having virtually inexhaustible heuristic and serious scientific potential, the Museum annually conducts a number of major scientific researches. Since 2005 to 2014 the museum 19 scientific and applied projects on the history and culture of Kazakhstanwere implemented. Of which 15 within the strategic national project "Cultural heritage", this was recognition of the existing scientific potential of the CSM RK.

All projects are based on the materials of the museum collection, as well as archival sources and, ultimately, realized in the form of publication of scientific catalogues, encyclopedias, monographs, collections of documentary sources, etc.

Several different characters typological works is fundamental monographs, a collection of archival sources and several volumes of thematic catalogues of the collections on the basis of the CSM RK memorial complexes, ethnographic, archaeological, numismatic collections and collections of written monuments and rare manuscripts of museum are listed in developed by the Museum applied researches. Collective monograph, based on theoretical studies (anthropology) and the study of fund and exposition collections of museums and archives of Kazakhstan and Russia (museum affair) provide theoretical and practical bases of research in the field of domestic anthropology and museology.

In addition, along with the research projects to study the history and culture of the Kazakh people on the basis of scientific and analytical research of the CSM RK collections and work ofidentification, systematization and catalogingof extantelements of Kazakh culture in the collections of Russian museums (Peter I Museum of Anthropology and Ethnography, Russian Academy of Sciences, St. Petersburg: in 2008-2010, 2011-2013; Russian Ethnographic Museum 2014).

The novelty of the scientific and applied research of the CSM RK is that they are carried out for the first time. The Complex of questions solved by projectexecutors, would introduce in a new scientific turn source materials, artifacts that greatly enrich the scientific basis of modern research in the field of archeology, ethnography, history, source study, culture, museum and other branches of science.

Currently the CSM RK as an independent subject of research activity participates in the implementation of socially and scientifically significant research projects.

In 2014, the CSM RK two new researches and application projectshave launched:

1. "Ethnographic collection from the collection of the Russian Ethnographic Museum on the traditional culture of Kazakhs. Scientific catalogue";

2. "Kazakhstan in the Bronze Age (18th-9th centuries BC). Archaeological collection of the Central State Museum of the Republic of Kazakhstan.Scientific catalogue".

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