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Collegiate management body

The Scientific Council

The main scientific advisory and consultative body of the museum is the Scientific Council. At the meetings of the Scientific Council of CSM RK the goals and objectives of research of the museum, an opinion on the scientific value and relevance of the chosen research topics and directions are discussed.

Scientific Council of the museum considers proposals in key areas and issues of scientific activities of the museum, approves the plan of scientific work, reports about the scientific activity of structural divisions of the museum on complex and most important scientific papers (both completed and in separate stages of research). Submitted for discussion and approved the manuscript prepared for publication of scientific works (encyclopedias, scientific catalogs, articles, conference proceedings, etc.) draw conclusions about the appropriateness of publication.

In 2014, there were 7 meetings of the Scientific Council:

  • Hearing of the work plan for 2014;  
  • Hearing of the report on archaeological excavations;
  • Hearing of the archeographic trip report to St. Petersburg (Russian Federation);
  • On a scientific mission, within the framework of scientific and applied projects;
  • To discuss the scientific manuscript catalogue "Oriental Coins of the Central State Museum of the Republic of Kazakhstan: Almaty hoard of Chaghaiydcoins" (1st volume 2 book) and the encyclopedia "The traditional system of ethnographic categories, concepts and names of the Kazakhs".Encyclopedia. V. 5.
  • Hearing of the report on implementation of the research work for 2014.

Restoration board

The Board of restoration staff is approved by the director of the Museum. As part of the restoration board it’s headed by the Chairman that includes: chief curator, department heads, qualified scientific staff of the museum, conservators, artists, and staff of storage department. At meetings of the Restoration board the annual and long-term plans of restoration center, drawing of restoration tasks, approval procedures, the timing of restoration, monitoring of progress at all stages of the restoration process are discussed. Restoration board meetings are held quarterly. Exhibits are accepted and approved by members of the Restoration board after restoration. isProceeding of the board approved by the Chairman of the Restoration Board.

Exposition and exhibition board

In order to improve the efficiency of exposition and exhibition activities of the CSM RK at the museum operates "Exposition Fair Board" (EFB) collegiate managementbody. Museum leading experts of the EFB control over the process of organization, design and carrying out of exhibition.

The function of the Exposition and Fair Board consists of:

  • Preparation of annual plans of exhibitions;
  • Preparation of the annual plan of re-exposition;
  • Development of concepts, thematic structures, specialized exhibit and architectural and artistic exhibitions plans;

At this council the concept of the upcoming exhibition (study subjects and problems), the structural plan, exhibition conservation and architectural design are discussed, makes corrections and suggestions. Explanatory texts, labels to the exhibits in the Kazakh and Russian languages are compiled and edited. After completion of the decoration works at the deployment site of exposure a regular meeting of the Council on reception of the exhibition are held. Exposition and exhibition Council directs the process of constructing the exhibition and supervises the execution of the works until its opening. The composition of the EFB is formed and approved by the museum's director. Coordination processes of the Council are carried out by the chairman and secretary of the Board.

Fund-Selection Committee (FSC)

Fund-selection committee of the Museum (hereinafter - FSC) is an advisory body and created by director’s order of the Museum to consider the issues of items selection to form the museum's collection. FSC is guided by the Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated on 15December, 2006 No.207-III "On Culture", Order of the Minister of Culture and Information of February 23, 2007 No.45 "Rules of formation and maintenance of the Museum Fund of the Republic of Kazakhstan" and the Charter of the museum.

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