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Services and Prices

Ticket Prices

Preschool children

free of charge

Participants of the WWII

free of charge


200 tenge


300 tenge


300 tenge


500 tenge

Foreign nationals

500 tenge

Hall of anthropology (with excursion service)

1000 tenge

Hall of Gold Collection (with excursion service)

1300 tenge

Hall of N.G. Khludov (with excursion service).

1000 tenge



Excursion service (groups up to 20 people):

- In Kazakh and Russian languages (1 academic hours)

1000 tenge

- In English (1 academic hour)

2000 tenge

Thematic excursion (children of school age)

1000 tenge

Thematic excursion

2000 tenge

Note: If the collective attendance of the museum, except for payment for the tour, visitors pay an entrance fee.




  • The museum has excellent facilities and can provide them for different type of events - presentations, briefings, conferences and others.
  • Carrying out survey, thematic tours of the exhibition and museum exhibitions.
  • Consultation on various aspects of history of the Republic of Kazakhstan for the various categories of the population.
  • Organization of lectures and traveling exhibitions on the history of Kazakhstan in institutions, educational institutions, military units, etc.
  • Provide a comprehensive scientific and methodological assistance to the Republic museums: regional, city, district, memorial and historical and cultural, as well as public museums functioning in enterprises, organizations, institutions and schools, etc.
  • Training of the museum staff with free software "Museologist" on special seminars as within the museum and beyond.
  • Organization of meetings with representatives of science and culture of Kazakhstan, known public and political figures, members of historical events.
  • Assistance in the evaluation of items of art and applied art.
  • Organization of exhibitions, preparation of necessary documents and all types of consultation.
  • Information through the periodical press, radio and television on the major events of museum life: the opening of new exhibitions and expositions, arrival of fund materials, storage of rare exhibits and collections, the results of scientific expeditions of particular interest to the general public.
  • Making posters, certificates, invitation cards, agreed with customer.
  • Educational services.

Museum invites scientists, culture and art figures of Kazakhstan, CIS and foreign countries - painters, sculptors, designers, poets, writers, artists, representatives of embassies, consulates, companies, business structures, media, etc. to cooperate with the museum and held a series of events:

  • Exhibitions - memorial, anniversary, personal, etc.;
  • Conferences, seminars, briefings;
  • Creative meetings;
  • Fairs, festivals, presentations, one-day actions;
  • Show events

All calculations are carried out according to the current pricelist for services and work rendered by CSM RK, approved by the Ministry of Culture and Information of RK No. 62 of 02.03.2007.

The cost of the organization, design and construction of the exhibition include:

  • Number and amount of exhibits;
  • Time-frame, complexity of the construction;
  • Translation of texts and labels in Kazakh language;
  • Using of museum and office equipment;
  • Design works;
  • Exhibition mounting and dismantling;
  • Development of sketches and production of posters and invitation cards;
  • Involvement of museum professionals to develop exposure structure, the script of the opening ceremony, providing the audience;
  • Notification and invitation of the media;
  • At the request of the customer to provide additional services: questionnaire development and conducting of public poll.

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