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Administration of the museum

Kharipova Rashida Yerimovna - director

port-haripovaKharipova Rashida Yerimovna was born on September 4, 1975 in the city of Atyrau, Atyrau region. Married. Husband Kairushev Madiyar works in the oil industry.

Education: higher - Kh. Dosmukhamedova Atyrau State University. (biology teacher - 2001); Narxoz University (Bachelor of Economics and Business in State and Local Administration - 2016); Kh. Dosmukhamedov Atyrau State University (Master of Pedagogical Sciences - 2020).

Work experience:

  • 1993-1994 - Clerk of the work training complex “ Zhastalap ”; educational training - educational master;
  • 1994-1999 - Biology teacher;
  • 1999-2001 - Career guidance methodologist;
  • 2001-2003 - Deputy Director for Training and Work;
  • 2003-2009 - Head of the Department of “Research of the Nature of the Region” of the Local History Museum of Atyrau Region;
  • 2009-2010 - Deputy director of the museum for scientific work;
  • 2010-2014 - Deputy director of the museum for general issues;
  • from June 17, 2014 to March 14, 2022 – director of the museum;


1. "Recording, preservation and use of museum values", 2015;

2. "Organization of cultural events in the museum and ways of preparing printed products based on artifacts", 2015;

3. Scientific catalog "Archaeological, ethnographic collections of the Local History Museum of Atyrau region" (in 3 languages), 2016;

4. "Dombyra - dastan", 2017;

5. "Miyaly Mounds", 2018;

6. "Aktobe-Laeti settlement", 2018;

7. "Kyui father - Kurmangazy", 2018; Responsible for compiling books, scientific collections;

8. "Archaeological and Ethnographic Collection of the Local History Museum of Atyrau Region", 2009;

9. "Horde of Holy Heritage", 2010;

10. Collection of regional seminars-conferences "National liberation movement in Kazakhstan in 1916: historical research, new research, new approach", 2016;

11. Collection of the regional scientific and practical conference “History and Personality”, dedicated to the 225th anniversary of the birth of the national hero I. Taimanov and the 180th anniversary of the national liberation uprising of 1836-1838, 2016;

12.Collection of regional scientific and practical conferences “Alash education and independence ", 2017;

13. Collection of the international scientific and practical conference “Ibn Battuta’s journey along the Great Silk Road: promoting dialogue between cultures.” (In 3 languages) 2017;

14. Collection of blessed words “The country will be flourishing with blessings”, 2018;

15. Collection of materials from the international scientific and practical conference "Khalel Dosmukhamedov. On the way to the great ideal", 2018;

16. Collection of the International Scientific and Practical Conference “The Scientific Heritage of Professor Khismet Tabyldiyev and the scientific foundations of local history", 2019;

17. Scientific catalog “Palaeontological collection” in 5 languages;

18. Scientific catalog “Archaeological Collection” in 5 languages;

19. Scientific catalog “Weapons Collection” in 5 languages;

20. Scientific catalog “Jewelry Collection” in 5 languages;

21. Scientific catalog “Collection of clay tools” in 5 languages. Was on the editorial board:

22. “Sarayshyk – a heritage of ancestors", " Agatai ", 2015;

23. “Eternal prayer", “Ak zhaiyk kz” Astana, 2015;

24. “Regional sacred facilities of Kazakhstan”, "Floriant ", Astana, 2017.


2015 - The Local History Museum of Atyrau Region was awarded the title “Museum of the Year” by the decision of the International Union of Museums ICOM.

2014-2018 - historical and expositional travelling exhibitions were organized: Astana, Almaty, Shymkent, Turkestan, Mangistau, Western Kazakhstan, St. Petersburg, Astrakhan, Kalmykia, Russia, Tashkent, and London.

In 2017, on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the formation of the government of Alashorda , the following regional scientific conference “ Alash Education and Independence ” was organized; international conference “Ibn Battuta’s Travels along the Great Silk Road: Promoting the Dialogue of Cultures”; « Ulyk Ulys -Altyn Orda".

Supervised archaeological excavations of early Iron Age mounds - Miyaly, Barsuk, Balkuduk in the region of the medieval cities of Saraishyk , Aktobe-Laeti and in Kyzylkoga, Kurmangazy districts of Atyrau region.

Photographs of 400 physical exhibits from the museum’s collections were prepared in 3D format and placed on touch screens in the museum’s halls and on the museum’s official website atyrau-museum.kz. The museum has the ability to provide audio guide services to the requirements of the time (Kazakh, Russian, English, Turkish and Chinese), and the izi-travel application has been launched using a QR code.

The museum organized: “Young Guides” club, the “Altyn Oymak ” club, Atyrau quest -television project.

Awards: medal “For services to the trade union” (2010); nomination “Choice of the Year 2017” of the TV channel “Kazakhstan - Atyrau” (2017); badge “Best Local Historian” for merits in studying the history of his native land (2018); anniversary medal “40 years of the state historical and cultural reserve-museum “ Azret Sultan” (2018); Badge " Excellence in culture" (2019); medal “25 years of maslikhat of Atyrau region" (2019); medal “25 years of the Kazakh National Cultural Center of the Republic of Uzbekistan” (2019); medal " National hero Khiuaz Dospanova " (2020).

Member of the Union of Journalists and Local Historians of Kazakhstan.


Sarov Serzhan Barakhanovich – deputy director for general affairs

sarov-portretSarov Serzhan Barakhanovich was born on January 8, 1983 in Almaty region, Yenbekshikazakh district, Karazhota village .

2002-2006 Graduated from Al- Farabi Kazakh National University, Faculty of History, majoring in history, law and fundamentals of economics.

2018-2020 Abai Kazakh National Pedagogical University, Institute of History and Law. Master of Historical Sciences.

He began his career in 2007 as a junior researcher at Almaty History Museum. In 2008-2017, he held the positions of researcher, senior researcher, and head of the historical and cultural and scientific exhibition departments. From the beginning of 2018, he was approved for the position of Deputy Director for Science of the State Enterprise “Association of Museums of the City of Almaty” and in the same year as acting director.

03/18/2019 - 03/13/2020 was appointed director of the State Public Enterprise "Association of Museums of the City of Almaty"

03/14/2020 - 09/07/2022 Deputy Director for Science of the State Enterprise "Association of Museums of the City of Almaty"

2007-2010 Participated in archaeological research work within the framework of the State Program of Cultural Heritage of A. Margulan Institute of Archeology.

2014 - 2018 engaged in scientific research work, supervised the protection of more than 140 monuments in the city of Almaty.

Participated in the exhibition work of the Almaty Museum. Over the years of managing the museum, he organized events of various sizes : the festival “Renaissance: Museum Caravan”, the exhibition “Altyn Khanshayim ”, a round table on the 125th anniversary of M. Zhumabaev, presentation of the book “ Writing Library” Mukanova ”, the “Night at the Museum” event, master classes, literary and musical evenings, meetings and others.

Galiya Temirton - deputy director for research

Galiya TemirtonDeputy Director for Science, Doctor of Philosophy (PhD). From 2013 to the present works in the Central State Museum of the Republic of Kazakhstan. In 2013-2017 occupied the position of scientific secretary. From 27 April, 2017 - Deputy Director for scientific work. Work experience in the field of culture for more than 25 years.

Galiya Temirton is the author of more than 50 scientific and popular science articles, the author and scientific editor of monographs: "Kazakhstan and the world space: cultural integration" (co-authored); "Traditional musical culture in the context of socio-cultural modernization". Member of the National Committee for Intangible Cultural Heritage of Kazakhstan (UNESCO) (since 2011), an expert of the International Agency "Qs World Universitety Rankings" (since 2011), a member of the Commission under the Akimat of Almaty on the program "Sacral Geography of Almaty" (since 2017).

She graduated from the Academy of Public Administration under the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan (Astana) with a degree in project management (2016), courses for senior management in museum management at the Central Academy of Culture Personnel of the Ministry of Culture of the People's Republic of China (2016).  

She was awarded with the state medals: «Қазақстан тәуелсіздігіне 10 жыл» (10th anniversary of independence of the Republic of Kazakhstan); «Қазақстан тәуелсіздігіне 25 жыл» (25th anniversary of independence of the Republic of Kazakhstan), as well as "Letters of thanks" and letters of Akim of Almaty city for active participation in the events within the framework of the state program «Рухани жаңғыру» ("Spiritual revival").



Kushchenko Anna Viktorovna - deputy director for museum management and marketing

port-kuchenko.jpgKushchenko Anna Viktorovna born on December 23, 1977 in Almaty, a citizen of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Graduated from secondary school No. 107 in Almaty. In 2000, she graduated from Al- Farabi Kazakh National University with a degree in “History of Kazakhstan” ( bachelor’s degree ), and in 2002, with honors, a master’s degree in “World History” (master’s degree in history).

His career began at the State Enterprise "Central State Museum of the Republic of Kazakhstan": since 2003, a guide of the highest category of highly qualified; 2005 - 2023 head of the education department, center of cultural and educational work, then the organizational department of cultural events and external relations; 2023 - Head of the Museum of the State Branch of the National Bank of the Republic of Kazakhstan, 2024 - Head of the Marketing, Design and External Relations Department of A. Kasteyev State Museum of Art of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Work experience - more than 22 years in the museum field. Author of 60 publications on issues of museum management and marketing, cultural and educational work, methodological developments of museum pedagogical programs and projects. Over 300 exhibitions and events were organized, over 50 cultural, educational and exhibition projects were implemented. In 2019, she completed an internship in 7 leading museums in China ( Xian ) in museum education and received Certificates from the Xian Museum (China, 2018), museums Moscow (RF, 2024).

Certificates and diplomas: Certificate “Types of innovative work in scientific and educational activities", Commemorative medal "550 years of the Kazakh Khanate" for contribution to the development of the Central Museum of the Republic of Kazakhstan, a letter of gratitude from the Xi'an Museum of China for the development of cooperation and holding the exhibition "Culture of the early nomads of the Great Steppe", a letter of gratitude from the Embassy of Indonesia and Sweden in the Republic of Kazakhstan , certificate in the field of museum education from the Alliance of Museum Education of the People's Republic of China, the Xi'an Museum of the Western Market of the Tang Dynasty of the People's Republic of China, etc.

Awards: Diploma “ Kurmet ” from the Ministry of Culture and Sports of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Minister A. Raiymkulova , 2021 Certificate No. 2978 - Badge “Excellence in Culture” from the Ministry of Culture and Sports of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Issued by the Secretary General on May 16, 2022.

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