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Numismatic Collection

The collection of numismatics of CSM RK there are over 8000 items. These materials chronologically are divided into 3 periods:

I. The coins of the ancient period: This period includes 38 units of storage of Greek, Kushan, Sasanian, Byzantine coins (4thc BC. –1st–6th centuries AD.).


Coin of Sassanid dynasty (Av. Rs.)

 II. Medieval coin: the basis of medieval coins compose Turgesh (6th-9th c.),Samanid (9th-10th centuries),Karakhanid (10th-12th centuries), Jochid (13th-14th centuries), Chagatayd (13th-14th centuries), Timurid (14th c.), Ilkhanid (Hulaguids) (13th-14th centuries), Dzhanids (16th-18th centuries), the Crimean Khanate, as well as coins of other states and dynasties. The result of many years of research findings was the publication of an illustrated scholarly catalogue "Oriental coins from the Central State Museum of the Republic of Kazakhstan collection: Almaty hoard of Chagatayid coins". Project head Nursan Alimbay. Volume 1.Book 1. Almaty: "Oner", 2013. 320 p. (In Kazakh, Russian, English languages). (see: in the scientific department).


Gold coin of Ilkhanid dynasty (Av. Rs.)

III. Coins of modern and contemporary: This period can be attributed about 5000 coins of Western and Eastern countries, as well as coins of tsarist Russia (19th-20th centuries) and the USSR (1917-1991). Among them notably the coins of the Ottoman Empire (18th-19th centuries), Chinese (18th c.), Kajar dynasty (19thc.), Kokand (19th-20th centuries), Khanate of Bukhara (19th c.) and Japan (19th–20th centuries).

In addition, in connection with the issuance of the national currency of Kazakhstan - tenge - at the end of 1993 and to this day in the collections of CSM RK coins of 1, 2, 5, 10, 20, 50, 100 tenge, as well as jubileeand commemorative coins - a total of over 1000 units of storage.


Coin of the Ottoman Empire

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