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Museum lessons

Nowadays the most popular are museum lessons. They are designed to consolidate and deepen students' knowledge on specific topics; the museum item appears here not only as an illustration, but also as a source for the study. Its feature is to achieve the objectives of school education in the educational environment of the museum.

Museum offers museum lessons to students of junior and middle classes, which are held in the halls of the museum. At present, by the museum educators designed 12 museum lessons on archeology, traditional culture and modern history of Kazakhstan. Museum lessons are carried out using visual aids, electronic presentations and videos.

Museum lessons conducted by our staff:



The game "Journey into the world of paleontology and archeology" for independent work

Interactive leaflets

1 hall


Game-journey "History of items from my grandmother's chest" for pupils of 5-8 grades

2 hall


Traditional clothing of Kazakhs

2 hall

Yurt - a traditional dwelling of the Kazakhs

2 hall

Kazakh jewelry

2 hall

State symbols of the Republic of Kazakhstan

4 hall

Independent Kazakhstan

4 hall

Our younger brothers

Ground floor

The history of Diasporas of Kazakhstan

3 hall

History of national currency Tenge

4 hall

"Yurt - a traditional dwelling of the Kazakhs".


 On the traditional culture of the Kazakh people. In the museum lesson "Yurt - traditional dwelling of the Kazakhs" students learn about the traditional culture and folk arts and crafts of the Kazakh people. The exhibition hall «Ethnography of Kazakhs» is acquaints with the life of Kazakhs of late 19th early 20th centuries and household goods. Museum lesson is carried out in a playful way, using visual aids: furnishings, envelopes with tasks, reduced copy of the yurt (its components), and others. Putting part of the yurt children learn its names and the names of the yurt interior, where they are located. For children of secondary schools (4-7 grades).



"Юрта - традиционное жилище казахов"


 "Our younger brothers"

Children learn about the diversity of fauna of Kazakhstan - where they live, what they eat and many others. Children playing with cards, puzzles of animals, games quizzes, etc. For lesson the necessary materials are prepared: Interactive visual aids as puzzles, activity sheets, coloring and others. For primary school children (1-3 grades).

"Journey to the Independent Kazakhstan"

On the formation of Independence of Kazakhstan. At the lesson the role of the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan in the development of the state are developed. After an interesting tour "Sovereign Kazakhstan" children divides into teams, participate in game-quiz "What does the date?" and should also perform a creative task "Kazakhstan: yesterday, today and tomorrow".For pupils of 7-11 grades.

Путешествие по Независимому Казахстану

"There is no hero without people"


For pupils of 7-11grades. During the lesson the children will learn about the heroic path of the legendary Kazakh warrior, Hero of the Soviet Union Bauyrzhan Momyshuly.


Нет героя без народа

 "State symbols of the Republic of Kazakhstan".

In a playful way, children learn about history of the state symbols of the Republic of Kazakhstan - the flag, emblem, anthem. At the lesson pupils with events in modern history of our country, with well-known figures of science and cultureare introduced. For pupils of 4-6 grades are given the task to develop a coat of arms of his/her family, class. Forpupils of  7-11 grades.



Государственные символы Казахстана

 "History of national currency Tenge"

Children learn about the origin of money, with the history of the national currency - tenge.

"История тенге"The museum lesson "Tenge History" in the 4th exposition hall "Independent Kazakhstan" is carried out.

"Traditional Kazakh clothing»

The first part of the lesson takes place among museum exhibits, where guides tell about the different types of traditional clothing of Kazakhs. In the second part children have the opportunity to dress dolls in traditional Kazakh national clothes. For children of secondary schools (4-7 grades).

Традиционная одежда казахов


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