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Cultural and educational units

Center of Cultural and Educational Activities

In 2000 the Center of cultural and educational work as a "Scientific and Methodological Center" was created. Since 2006 it functions as a "Center of cultural and educational work." It consists of two branches - the management and marketing sector and museum pedagogy and design.

One of the priorities of cultural and educational activities and marketing communication policy of the museum is a constant interaction with the public and building partnerships with artists, photographers, collectors, artists, public and international organizations, research institutions, educational institutions, media, embassies and consulates of foreign countries, commercial structures, as well as the use of new information technologies and methods of work in the museum's education.

The main objectives of the Centre are:

  • Promotion of cultural and historical heritage of the country, promote respect for the monuments of history and culture, which is an important element in the formation of national identity, strengthening of patriotism;
  • Planning and implementation of educational and cultural activities;
  • Marketing and sociological research;
  • Continuous improvement of products and services of museum visitors in active museum work;
  • Ensuring revenue growth associated with the attendance of the museum and visitor services;
  • Mobilization of resources and the search for financial partners for commercial and non-commercial projects;
  • Long-term cooperation with partners and the media, implementation of image and information policy of the museum;
  • The development and introduction of new technologies of museum education: cultural, educational and interactive programs, technology of group interaction and project activities.

The organization of temporary exhibitions on a commercial basis, as well as different kinds of events - fairs, festivals, presentations, meetings, workshops, film screenings, literary and musical evenings, concerts, charity events, PR-move, etc.

The group for organizing tours and excursions

The main activities of the group: the organization and conduct of general and thematic excursions; differentiated approach to the excursion services of various categories of visitors; the development of the museum and educational programs; implementation of the lecture work;

  • Implementation of the information activities of the museum: information support of the museum's activities in the media - television and radio, in print;
  • Carrying out of exhibition tour;
  • Carrying out of interactive lessons for different age groups of pupils;
  • Carrying out of work with children and people with disabilities;

In CSM RK excursions are diverse: the content (historical, natural history, art, etc.); on type (general, subject, cyclic, complex); the composition of participants (adults, students, children, etc.); by purpose (training, lesson-excursions, etc.),on the main tasks related to educational function of the museum (study, educational and developmental). According to the method of excursions also vary: question-answer, narrative, games, etc.

For visitors CSM RK tour services are provided in three languages: Kazakh, Russian and English.

Lecture is one of the traditional forms of the museum work. Lectures on paleontology, archeology, ethnography, anthropology and history of Kazakhstan (in Kazakh and Russian languages) are held.

Group for organization expositions and exhibitions

In 1999 department for organization of exhibitions and exhibition was created. Since 2007, the department was renamed in group for exhibitions and expositions with two sectors: "Sector of exhibition works" and "sector of decoration and design". In the group are qualified artists, designers, expositioners.

The main task of the group - Implementation of works on the organization of various subject exhibitions and works related to the updating of static display in the museum. Exhibition activity CSM RK allows more fully reveal the profile and direction of the museum work: a) the design of the exposure (scientific design - development of concept, structure, preparation of subject-exposition plan based on specific content, artistic design - development of architectural and artistic principles and decisions, b) technical and detailed design - installation of exposure; c) the dismantling of the exposition; d) re-exposition - partial update of the permanent exhibition.

The Central State Museum of the Republic of Kazakhstan annually holds more than 30 exhibitions, dedicated to the significant dates of domestic history, which highlights the most important events in the social and cultural life of the country.

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