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Paleoanthropological collection

Paleoanthropology collection of the Central State Museum of the Republic of Kazakhstan has chronologically uninterrupted series of skeletal remains of people, ranging from the Bronze Age to the present. Among them skeletal remains of two individuals found in 1999 during archaeological excavations of 18 kurgan Berel burial, which is located on territory of Katon-karagai district of East Kazakhstan region are of considerable interest.

Berel burial is a very unique monument of the early Iron Age; where in one of the large kurgans at a depth of 4 meters in a layer of permafrost rich burial of royalty was found. We can say that the CSM RK has now the most valuable museum exhibit, which haven’t analogies in the world's museums.  

The Paleoanthropological Collection includes more than 1,200 objects.

In addition, the fund includes dental and dermatoglyphic collection from the territory of Kazakhstan and Mongolia (Bayan-Ulgi). In total 650 units of storage of handprints and 500 units of teeth imprints as well.

In the future, the study of these materials, can recreate the most important aspects of the history and the actual physical appearance of ancient and modern inhabitants of Kazakhstan.

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