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Travel lectures

Lectures are organized and held in the museum (cinema hall) and at the request in educational institutions and military units of Almaty. Nowadays, by the museum staff developed and carried out more than 40 different lectures on paleontology, archeology, and ethnography, history of Kazakhstan (in Kazakh and Russian languages). Lecturing by photos, slides, using a multimedia projector and computer to display electronic presentation, as well as record, short subject videosare illustrated.

Employees’of excursions group designed and implementstravel lectures on the following topics:

  • The origin of life on Earth
  • Monuments of Saka culture - Berel
  • Archaeological gold of Kazakhstan
  • Petroglyphs of Kazakhstan
  • Urban Culture of South Kazakhstan in 8th-14th Centuries.
  • Stone statues in the collections of CSM RK
  • Mausoleum of Kh.A.Yassawi
  • Early Iron Age
  • Saka culture
  • Archaeological Sites of Central Kazakhstan
  • History of national currency Tenge
  • Numismatics collection of the CSM RK
  • History of the Kazakh language
  • The traditional way of life and economy of the Kazakhs in the late 19th - early 20th Century.
  • Institute of warriors
  • Traditional clothing and jewelry of Kazakhs
  • Traditional types of Kazakhs’ dwellings
  • Nauryz - the Spring Festival
  • Musical instruments in the collections of CSM RK
  • T. Ryskulov and M. Tynyshpaev and their contribution to the construction of Turksib
  • Kazakhstan during the Second World War
  • Historical fate of deported peoples
  • Ten great men of the 20th century: A.Baitursynov, A.Bukeikhanov, B.Momyshuly, D.Kunayev, D.Nurpeisov,
  • K.Satpayev, M.Auezov, O.Suleimenov, NursultanNazarbayev, T.Aubakirov
  • NursultanNazarbayev - the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan
  • Independence Monument
  • The Constitution of the Republic of Kazakhstan
  • State symbols of the Republic of Kazakhstan
  • Almaty: Past and Present
  • City of Peace - Astana
  • Formation of Independence of Kazakhstan
  • International antinuclear movement "Nevada - Semipalatinsk"

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