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2-3.12.2017 The Central Asian exhibition-fair of crafts "Oriental Bazaar"

On 2 – 3 December, 2017 the Central State Museum of the Republic of Kazakhstan jointly with the Center of Decorative and Applied Art "Bakhyt" is holding a traditional Central Asian exhibition-fair of crafts "Oriental Bazaar", in which more than 150 artisans from Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and Russia will take part.

The purpose of the exhibition is to demonstrate the capabilities of artisans of the Central Asian region, expand mutually beneficial partnerships, share experiences, find new creative ideas and selling of handicraft products. At the exhibition exclusive author's works of masters: gold embroidery and downy knitting, painting on wood and ceramic products, artistic processing of stone, leather and fur, interior toys in the national style, jewelry made of amber, beads, souvenirs made of natural materials, felt, textile, knitwear, paintings on canvas, birch bark, forged decorative products, handmade soaps and many other interesting works will be presented. Every year the range of handicraft products, presented to the guests of the exhibition-fair are significantly expands.

Author's ceramic products of masters-potters from Uzbekistan will present, and Kazakhstani artist in pottery Aliaskar Musayev will hold an exhibition master-class.

For visitors of the museum no less interesting traditional master class on felt from the famous Kazakhstani artist Kulyan Zhangutty will be organized.

On the eve of the New Year, the fair will become a place where everyone can find beautiful and creative gifts for their relatives in a beautiful atmosphere.

Official opening of the exhibition-fair – 2 December, 2017 at 10-00

Opening hours of the exhibition-fair: 2 -3 December, from 9.00 to 18.00

Entrance fee.

07.10.2017 « Japan Culture Day in Almaty»

Click for increasingEmbassy of Japan in the Republic of Kazakhstan, Kazakhstan-Japan Center for Human Development (KJC), Association of Japanese businessmen in Kazakhstan, Association of Japanese people in Kazakhstan with the cooperation of Central State Museum of the Republic of Kazakhstan organize the “Japan Culture Day” in Almaty.

Date of the event: October 7, 2017 at 14:00

Venue: Central State Museum, address: 44 «Samal-1»

The purpose of the event is to facilitate the cultural cooperation, foster the connection and deepen understanding between Kazakhstan and Japan, also to introduce its traditions and lifestyle to citizens and guests of Almaty. This year Kazakhstan and Japan celebrate 25-th anniversary of establishing diplomatic relations between two countries. During this time Japan-Kazakhstan relations has developed in different ways, including cultural aspects. Every year “Japan Culture Day” in Almaty gathers more than 3000 visitors.    

The program includes martial arts demonstration, drum band performance, Japanese dance Yosakoi, Japanese dishes, tea ceremony, calligraphy, origami and many other elements of Japanese applied arts. Moreover, city residents and guests will get better acquaintance with Japanese authentic entertainments. It is planned to have Japanese companies’ participation.    

Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Japan in the Republic of Kazakhstan Mr. Itiro KAWABATA is planning to attend the event.


Culture of Japan in Almaty Culture of Japan in Almaty
Culture of Japan in Almaty Culture of Japan in Almaty
Culture of Japan in Almaty Culture of Japan in Almaty

03.06.2017 The traditional Central Asian exhibition-fair of crafts "The Silk Road".

On 3-4 June, 2017, the Central State Museum of the Republic of Kazakhstan together with the Center of Decorative and Applied Art "Bakhyt" carry out the traditional Central Asian exhibition-fair of crafts "The Silk Road".

The Great Silk Road is the historically formed international trade route of the peoples of the East and the West. As is known, the Great Silk Road played an important role in the development of economic and cultural ties between peoples. The bustling, colorful and many-voiced oriental bazaar was attracted by traders and buyers from around the world in order to offer and profitably purchase silk and porcelain from distant China, spices from India, ceramics from Khorezm, works of fine art and many other outlandish goods.

The applied art of various peoples has survived and continues to transmit its traditions. The people have a rich heritage in all areas of art, which is flourishing now. The exhibition will open the world of arts and crafts to visitors; will acquaint with modern and original artists and artisans whose works give people joy, positive emotions.

The Great Central Asian exhibition-fair of crafts "Silk Road" allows to plunge into the fabulous atmosphere of the oriental bazaar, where more than 80 folk masters from all regions of Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Russia and Georgia traditionally take part.

For the museum it has become a good tradition to welcome the arrival of each season with the fair, which has also become a favorite event for foreign visitors. The exhibition will feature a wide range of gift and souvenir products: clothing, jewelry, musical instruments, oriental miniature and oriental carpets, leather, felt and silk products, textiles and lamps, amulets.

On 4th June, 2017, a charity event for children from the Charity Fund for Protection of Motherhood, Guardianship and Childhood "Altyn-Kol", timed for the International Children's Day "Summer 2017" within the framework of the Central Asian exhibition-fair "Silk Way" will be held.

Opening hours of the exhibition-fair: 3-4 May, 2017, from 9-00 to 18.00.

30.09.2017 The traditional Central Asian exhibition-fair of crafts "Golden Apple"

September 30 - October 1, 2017 The Central State Museum of the Republic of Kazakhstan together with the Center of Decorative and Applied Art «Bakhyt» conducts the traditional Central Asian exhibition-fair of crafts "Golden Apple".

 Traditional Central Asian exhibition-fair of crafts "Golden Apple"Autumn time is a period of creative inspiration for artists, sculptors, masters of arts and crafts.

Almaty is a city of apples. Apples are everywhere. They became the main theme of the exhibition. The idea of the apple theme is not the story of a lone fruit, it is infinitely multifaceted. Still-life and landscapes, portraits and genre scenes. Yes, in different forms - painting, graphics, photography and decorative art, such as tapestry and hot batik. One theme, but told by each artist, a master in his own way. This is a boundless fantasy on the topic of familiar things.

Masters of arts and crafts transferred this symbol to their products: paintings, jewelry, panels, tapestries, felt, leather, batik products. Wares with the image of an apple will be a gift to anyone, both an adult and a child. To have at home an object of art with the image of an apple is to attract prosperity and well-being to oneself.

Trade fairs of crafts are of great importance in the development of economic and cultural ties between the peoples of Central Asia. More than 150 folk artists will come from all regions of Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan and Russia. Carefully, from generation to generation they convey their skills, traditions.

The assortment of the exhibition-fair "Golden Apple" is diverse: author's decorations, clothes, stylish bags and cosmetic bags, bijouterie, designer toys, plaids, ceramics, soap and handmade cosmetics, interior items, all kinds of pictures and much more. The exhibition "Golden Apple" is not only a large market of bright, unique, original things, but also a place where you can try your hand at needlework and, perhaps, find a new hobby for yourself. So, within the exhibition-fair "Golden Apple" for visitors of the museum will be organized a traditional master class on felt from a famous Kazakh artist Kulyan Zhangutty. Lovers of products of art can not only observe the creative process, but also make their own hands with apples, various souvenirs, original panels of felt.

The official opening of the exhibition-fair - September 30, 2017 at 10-00

Working hours of the exhibition-fair: September 30, October 1, from 9.00 to 18.00

The entrance to the exhibition-fair is paid.

19.05.2017 The event "MUSEUM NIGHT OF REVIVED EXHIBITS" dedicated to the professional holiday "International Museum’s Day"

On 19th May, 2017 from 17.00 to 24.00 the Central State Museum of the Republic of Kazakhstan holds the event "MUSEUM NIGHT OF REVIVED EXHIBITS" dedicated to the professional holiday "International Museum’s Day".

The motto of the event is "Museums and controversial history: we are talking about complex things".

the event "MUSEUM NIGHT OF REVIVED EXHIBITS"-2017"Night at the museum" is a major international cultural, educational and social project, launched in 1997. In 2006 the Central State Museum of the Republic of Kazakhstan joined the project. For the twelfth year, this very night, the Museum presents new exhibitions from museum and private collections, implements ideas and interesting creative events, using various forms of its activities, thereby contributing to the development of culture, popularizes the country's historical and cultural heritage. At present, the museum’s event has become an attractive and expected event in the cultural life of Almaty.

To Almaty residents and guests of the southern capital various interactive programs will be offered: "REVIVED HEROES OF DIFFERENT HISTORICAL EPOCHES", covering the period from antiquity to modern times - the woman of Andronovo culture (the Bronze Age) and the Saka tsarina Tomiris (early Iron Age); "Kazakh Batyrs" will demonstrate the art of fighting with sabers; "Kazakh Sage-Old Man"; "Artisan-Grandmother with the daughter-in-law" from Kazakh fairy tales; representatives of ethno-cultural associations of Almaty will demonstrate their national clothes and cultural traditions.

INTERACTIVE EXPOSITIONS will allow visitors to get acquainted with the history of past centuries and modernity: "The sounds of antiquity" will tell about akyn-storyteller, patron of poets and musicians Korkyt-ata and the creator of the ancient musical instrument kobyz; "Tinkling of coins" about a unique collection of Eastern and European numismatics from the collection of the Central State Museum of the Republic of Kazakhstan; "The art of traditional embroidery and appliqués" will demonstrate the production of traditional Kazakh patchwork decorated with national ornaments, as well as restored carpet-felt products; "The world of Kazakh astronautics" about the history of the exploration of space; "Snipers of Kazakhstan" on the basis of the "Command post" will acquaint with the samples of weapons of the II World War with the assistance of the Republican Public Union of War Veterans of Afghanistan and local conflicts "Ardager"; "The window in the apprentice" will demonstrate blacksmithing and jewelry. In addition, the museum will host MASTER CLASSES on traditional Kazakh games (play in asyk), folk handicrafts and the manufacture of wooden toys, etc.

At this event the Museum becomes a special meeting place for people of different ages, interests, nationalities and religions, which make it possible to discover new pages of history, new horizons for their own development and self-expression. The event is supported by the constant and new partners of museum.

In the program: concert of classical music with the participation of Zh.Elebekov Variety-circus college, P. Tchaikovsky Almaty Music College, quartet of the State Ensemble of Classical Music "Camerata Kazakhstan", ensemble "Twinkle jazz" of the musical jazz school of Tagir Zaripov; Saxophonist Kairat Tursunbekov; «Kaz Kids Dans» dance studio; the student theater of ballroom dance "Asian students dance-ASD" of T. Zhurgenov Kazakh National Academy of Arts and the dance studio "Empire of Dance". New collections of ethnic clothing "Kiyal" and "Triumph" will be presented by students of O. Tansykbaev Almaty College of Decorative and Applied Arts. The actors of the leading theaters of the republic - M. Auezov Kazakh State Academic Drama Theater and M. Lermontov State Academic Russian Drama Theater will make congratulations and raffle tickets for performances.

The bright, colorful SHOW-PROGRAM will pleasantly surprise visitors: projections of light, pixel, LED paintings from companies - "Positive life Studio", "Tesla art laboratory"; Performance of guests from Sweden "Vikings in the Caspian Sea" and Kazakh archers "Baidaralin Studio"; Dance shows from "Tribal Pro", "Dance Studio", "Cuban Mix"; show-ballet "Imperial", "Session"; Show "Drums of Almaty"; Fire show from the company "Fire Sunset", a show of soap bubbles from the company "Big bubble"; Scientific show from the "Limpopo" company; Stilt walkers; a magic show from Mikhail Guttorov and VR-glasses from the "The Fairy Town" company. Incredible note of romance in the atmosphere of fun will bring "Living statues" in historical images.

The exhibitions from fund and private collections: "Editions of antiquity" - books of the XVIII-XX centuries from the rare collection of the scientific library of the museum; "Culture in sculpture" unique works of contemporary artists-sculptors of Almaty - M.Zhunisbaev, K.Satybaldin, D.Dosmagambetov, K.Dulatov, N.Zhuvanizov, T.Serikbaev, T.Zhumagulov, O. Rakhimbekov, S. Bituganov, D. Sarbasov, N. Bolatbekov, B. Kairanbaev, etc. will be presented, as well as the exhibition "Place of crime: the first lightning" by the Swedish artist Tuve Krabo, organized jointly with the Embassy of Sweden in the Republic of Kazakhstan will occupy a special place.

Interactive programs and master classes (aqua-grime, animators, caramel making, coloring ща decorative figurines, and various shows) from the companies “MAKO”, "Caramel Factory", "Decorative Toys" are expecting young guests.

The "Positive life Studio" company is the general sponsor of the event "Nights at the Museum 2017".

Partners of the museum: “VIP EVENT Very important parties”, “Bakhyt” Center for Decorative and Applied Arts, “Ansar”, “QazaQshop”, “Art Surprise Creative Group”, “Tourist Information Center of Almaty”, “Women's Club of Almaty”, "Vip line", "Bollywood" restaurant, online store "Telyanyashka", high-quality printing house "Brand lab", printing house of "Kazakh society of the deaf", publishing houses "Sardar" and "Arman-PV", "Gold Style" and " Шары.city».

Information support of the event: TV channels, radio and newspapers of Almaty “Egemen Kazakhstan”, “Kazakhstanskaya Pravda”, “Delovoi Kazakstan”, “Vecherny Almaty”, “Almaty akshamy”, “Liter”, “Novoe pokolenie”, “ExpressK”, “Vremya”, “Khabar”, "Kazakhstan", "Kazakh TV", “Almaty", "Hit TV"; "Radio NS", "Kazakh radio", "Retro FM", "Afisha Kz.".

Special promotions for visitors! An instant photo for memory. Mehendi, the ancient ornamental art of applying of temporary patterns by henna on the body. "Friendly portrait" from professional cartoon artist Akylzan Makazhanov. A cosmetic product from perfumery companies. Each visitor who posted information about the event in the social network (5 or more photos) with a hashtag # Ночьвмузее2017CSMRK, # ҚРМОММузейтүні2017, # NightMuseum2017CSMRK will receive a PRIZE from the Museum.

The hosts of the event are famous showmen Murat Ospanov, Daniel James and Marselen Kamate.

The Central State Museum of the Republic of Kazakhstan is waiting for all on 19th May from 17.00 until midnight!

Entrance is paid

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