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N.G. Khludov’s hall

N.G. Khludov. Picture.Nikolay Gavrilovich Khludov (1850-1935) a notable Russian painter, ethnographer, regional specialist, member of the Turkestan group of archeology fans and founder of the Zhetysu department of the Russian Geographical Society. Having moved to Kazakhstan in 1879 he lived all of his life in Zhetysu. His labor activity begun as a cartographer and land surveyor, who glorified Zhetysu and culture of its inhabitants and local life. Besides his art dignity, N.Khludov's works have doubtless ethnographic value as they embodied the colour of the Kazakhs’ traditional way of life.

Items which are exhibited at the hall include: a photo from the personal complex and 46 works of N.G. Khludov's art collection. Worthy to note his works that reflect the traditional culture and life of the Kazakh people since the 19th - till early 20th centuries and the rich nature of the region. The most considerable part of his heritage - 211 creations of his are stored in the archives of the Central State Museum of the Republic of Kazakhstan, among them 117 are pictorial works, 39 pencil sketches, 55 water colors and 3 albums with etudes and sketches.

The majority of his works include the theme of culture, economy and the life of nomads that shows his special enthusiasm for N.G. Khludov's hallunusual atmosphere and ethnographic colour of the Kazakh traditional way of life. Since 80s of the 19th century popular pictures of the artist: “Rich nomadic camp”, “Mourning camp”, “Night barymta (cattle stealing)”, “Movement in a storm”, etc. precisely show ethnically characteristic and socially significant scenes from the nomads’ lives. The picture “Rich nomadic camp” provides guidance on seasonal movement of cattlemen in the search of new pastures, on the clothes of people and the whole movement itself. The picture transfers a special emotional spirit of solemnity of the nomad life of that period.

N.G. Khludov was true to his creative credo till the end of his life (1935): the objective reproduction of real models in their ethnic most typical lines and characters of his numerous works. The artist’s creative value is great and he made a large contribution to the ethnographic study of the Kazakh people.

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