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11.06.2021 The exhibition "Let's Win Together!"

The Central State Museum of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the BI Group company on June 11, 2021 will open the exhibition "Let's Win Together!", dedicated to doctors who constantly working in infectious hospitals, as well as to the memory of all those medical workers who were on the front lines in the fight against the Covid-19 pandemic.

"Let's Win Together!"The activities of medical institutions and doctors around the world are aimed at preventing the threat to humanity due to the spread of coronavirus infection, which shocked the whole world. The work of doctorrs who have made a great contribution to the fight against the Covid-19 pandemic, joining their efforts and risking their lives is invaluable. In this difficult time, they continue to selflessly serve their profession and help people. A group of doctors who distinguished themselves during the fight against the coronavirus pandemic were awarded honorary badges for their fruitful work in providing highly qualified medical care to patients.

The exhibition opens with a gallery of portraits of doctors in Nur-Sultan - a project of the photographer Ruslan Mazunin and the company "BI Group" "Men Rizamyn!". These are 101 photographs of doctors and medical personnel of the infectious diseases hospital in the capital. A special place at the exhibition will be taken by photographs demonstrating the activities of the Children's City Clinical Infectious Disease Hospital in Almaty and the Center for Phthisiopulmonology in Almaty during a pandemic.

As part of the project, REMI and Argo donated a set of personal protective equipment to the museum's funds. Representatives of creative professions - poets, artists, musicians, designers and singers also did not stay away from this difficult situation in which the whole world finds itself. The exhibition demonstrates works by Kazakh artists - Georgy Li, Tamara Elfimova and Dzhokhar Ismailov, as well as works by students of the Art Workshop of Lydia Drozdova, the Phoenix children's club, the Inspiration studio of the Turan school-lyceum, reflecting the theme of the fight against Covid-19.

Fighting the pandemic is our shared challenge. And everyone's contribution is invaluable.

The exhibition will last till July 11, 2021.

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